Philip McShane
Piketty's Plight and the Global Future

Profit: The Stupid View of President Donald Trump

The problem of profit and its distribution lurked behind debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. McShane’s searing criticism is a blunt attack on the newly elected president of the United States and his perspective on its economy. He identifies a massive needed shift in economic theory and practice. The need for a massive shift is now generally recognized, but very few clues to its precise nature exist in the present culture of politics or economics, financial analyses or public discourse.

The great surprise and benefit of reading this book is that the attentive reader will grasp the key issue missed by Marx, Keynes, and Trump, as well as Trump's advisors. The key issue is also missed by the staid and settled establishment that is the contemporary economic professoriate. This has led to what is a global horror—a settled justification by economic voodoo of unfair distribution of wealth the world over.

PRESS RELEASE—November 23, 2016


Philip McShane

The Author

Philip McShane (D.Phil., Oxford University, 1965–68) was trained in mathematical physics, and then went on to study philosophy, theology, and economics. He has written extensively in diverse areas, including evolutionary theory, linguistics, economics, and methodology. He edited two important volumes in Bernard Lonergan's Collected Works, one titled Phenomenology and Logic and the other titled For a New Political Economy. Twice he has been nominated for the Templeton Award for his extensive work in methodology, economics, philosophy of science, and theology. He has given workshops and conferences in Canada, Korea, India, Mexico, Australia, Colombia, Ireland, and the United States.