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Letter from McShane to Henman

Frequently Cited Works

Editor’s IntroductionJames Duffy

A Tribute to Phil McShaneMeghan Allerton

Remembering Philip McShaneBruce Anderson

“Dear Folks”John Benton

Incarnate Quested Speaking: A Tribute in Honor of Phil McShanePatrick Brown

Philip McShane: ReminiscencesIvo Coelho

Meaning at the Crossroads: A Jig with Bernard Lonergan and Phil McShaneStephen Costello

One Wild and Precious Life: Remembering Phil McShaneJames Duffy

Metaphysics as a Fundamental PoiseFrancisco Vicente Galán Vélez

Seeking the Wealth of SelfMichael George

A Looking Forward: Phil’s Final WeeksAlexandra Gillis

Daring to Stretch toward the Ultimate Consummation: A Tribute to Philip McShaneDaniel Helminiak

A Tribute to Philip McShaneRobert Henman

McShane’s Influence on My Understanding of Lonergan (and of myself)Pierrot Lambert

In Gratitude: Remembering Philip McShaneBrendan Lovett

McShane on the Transformation of Botany: An Outline for a DissertationDaniel Mayer

Experiencing McShane’s Haunting QuestionsSean McNelis

Learning the Practice of Understanding MyselfKenneth Melchin

Joisting, Jesting, Jousting: A Tribute to Philip McShaneCecilia Moloney

Quantum Entanglement and EmergencePaul O’Hara

Self-Appropriation: What I Learned from McShaneCyril Orji

Here Comes Everybody: A Wake for Phil-againBrendan Purcell

Beginnings with Philip McShane: A Progress-Oriented TributeTerrance Quinn

Remembering Philip McShaneMichael Vertin

Memories of and Gratitude for Philip McShaneWilliam Zanardi

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