Mexico City, Mexico, 1997

Mexico City, Mexico (1997) McShane gave morning lectures and conducted afternoon seminars for faculty at the Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico City [ Read more... ]

Bogota,Columbia, 1998

Bogota, Colombia (September, 1998) Seven days of lectures and seminars (September 9–September 15, 1998) delivered at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.  [ Read more... ]

Seoul, South Korea, 2007

Seoul, South Korea (March, 2007) Ten days of lectures and seminars (March 22-March 31, 2007), included lectures and seminars on [ Read more... ]

Sydney, Australia, 2007

Melbourne, Australia (April 2007) Workshop at the Australian Catholic University in late April conducted by McShane on “Reforming Education: Applying [ Read more... ]