1. “This Is Worth a Life”

McShane begins by quoting Stephen McKenna, who, when he discovered Plotinus and pondered the possibility of translating the Greek into [ Read more... ]

Profit: The Stupid View of President Donald Trump

In this video, shot in October 2016, McShane introduces his book and reads excerpts from the Introduction and Chapter 1 [ Read more... ]

The context of functional collaboration

This clip features part of an introduction Prof. Philip McShane gave on the basic context of functional collaboration for a [ Read more... ]

Foundations as Creative Fantasy

6th International Lonergan Conference University of British Columbia July 23, 2014 [ Read more... ]

Functional Collaboration in the Emerging Arts and Sciences

Listen to a clip of a lecture McShane delivered at the 2012 Halifax Lonergan Conference, “Functional Collaboration in the Emerging Arts [ Read more... ]

Aquinas, the Trinity, and Life After Death

In this 9 minute clip, McShane responds to a student’s question, “where are the dead?,” by referring to Aquinas’ category [ Read more... ]