7. The Redistributive Function

McShane lectures on the distributive function and exchanges that are not immediately productive, e.g. mergers, buying/selling houses, buying and selling [ Read more... ]

8. Seeing Manhattan, Systems, and Systematics

McShane lectures on the challenge of reading the “baseball diagram” into Manhattan and discusses the possibility of a systematics economics. [ Read more... ]

9. Investments, Savings, and Credit

McShane lectures on the fundamental meaning of credit and examines the claim that savings are equal to investments. [ Read more... ]

10. Microeconomic Autonomy

McShane proposes that in good time there will be local economic advisors and democratic control of local economies.  He contrasts [ Read more... ]

11. Money, Credit, and Communal Promise

McShane speaks about the non orthodox meanings of money as a dummy and credit as a communal promise. [ Read more... ]

12. Education in the Axial Period

McShane speaks about rewriting grade school textbooks, efficient metaphysics, linguistics, musicology, and dance in the transition to a “third stage [ Read more... ]