Little Steps

The problem of introducing is one of being concretely and simply illustrative and also effectively detailed. I think of getting [ Read more... ]

Course Offerings in University Economics

This blog-section may hold the key to the shift into a sane economics. It is very directly connected with the [ Read more... ]

A Foundational Stand

On November 21st 2015, the following document, titled My Promised Land, was sent out by me to a large group [ Read more... ]

An Extraordinary Meaning of Profit

One day a New York City development director found a magic lamp while walking to her office.  A genie appeared [ Read more... ]

The higher viewpoint

in Brisbane Australia 2014 G-20  summit including the EU   in Rome 1934  Grossmächte and European Empire! “It [Liberalism, i.e. [ Read more... ]

Seeding Global Collaboration

This blogsite swings the whole effort into the full perspective of a new functional collaboration in all sciences. We are [ Read more... ]