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1. Process: Introducing Themselves to Young (Christian) Minders, written in 1988 and 1989, is produced here from a printed copy used in teaching a course on Philosophy of Religion in Mt. St. Vincent University, Halifax. The lectures were televised in a twenty-hour series: the master tapes are available and ordinary copies of the tapes can be made available.

2. The Redress of Poise contains a series of essays written between 1990 and 1996. It represents developments in foundational thinking in various areas of inquiry: economics, historical studies, ecology, concerns of justice, systematics, Christology.

3. ChrISt in History, a book written in 2006, intimates a complex cultural transition in method in Christology. Linguistic feedback permeates efforts to appropriate Peter’s proclamation in Matthew 16:16.

4. Method in Theology: Revisions and Implementations, written in 2007, was originally intended to be a primer on the movement in history towards functional collaboration. Parts Two and Three explore the role of systematic theologians within the dynamics of cyclic collaboration leading to progress.

5. Lonergan’s Standard Model of Effective Global Enquiry, a sequel to Method in Theology: Revisions and Implementations, explores logical, doctrinal, and existential incompleteness of an emerging methodology in philosophy and theology that is analogous to the standard model in contemporary advanced physics.