Tinctures of System

As you will see, Tinctures Zero, put in after I had ended this, my final series, is the full introduction. But let the following sentence be the full heuristic introduction to what I call, in the final and sixth Tincture, my Cresting, {M (W3)θΦT}4, of my Case. The task of moving forward into a global heuristic isomorphic with all sociological analyses and their referents is a massive but relatively non-stressful set of geohistorical and collaborative glocal tasks of an effective futurology.

Tinctures of System Zero: Sociology, Situation Rooms, Topologies: Economics and Religion

Tinctures of System 1: Tête-à-Tête

Tinctures of System 2: The Obviousness of Intentionality Analysis

Tinctures of System 3: Identifying Effectively Intentionality Analysis

Tinctures of System 4: Nudges Towards Thinking Out Tower Topology

Tinctures of System 5: Third Objectifications: A Fourth Coming Fifth Column

Tinctures of System 6: {M(W3)θΦT}4 Converging the Fifth Column: I Crest My Case