Current Research Interests

Interpretation is a series of essays that began in May of 2017 and is scheduled to continue through the fall. The new series is a fresh beginning of the search for the meaning of Interpretation as treated by Lonergan in section 3 of chapter 17 of Insight.  The approach is to be through simplifications and broad applications. In Interpretation 1, “A Fresh Start,” McShane likens the challenge of interpreting to the mindset of Dr. House and his team doing medical detecting on strange cases of illness (the show titled House ran from 2004 to 2012). Those interested in an effort to get at the meaning and find the applications of this difficult piece of Lonergan’s writings are encouraged by the first three essays in the series to send questions to

Economics for Everyone: Das Jus Kapital, 3rd edition (Vancouver: Axial Publishing, 2017) offers a long-term optimistic view of transformations of the current mess in pseudo-economics. The new Preface to the book adds a key simple exercise that can guide the reader away from orthodox single-flow analysis that has been the diet of economic activity for some hundreds towards the ball-park of sane economics.  The central aim of the book is to get people to notice that the economics being taught and used leads not just to nowhere but to regular disasters, global and local, in financing, feeding, and fun.  A contemporary B.A. degree in economics is just clap-trap. It claps the so-called learned economists that teach and advise governments and businesses; it traps us all in a destructive tunnel of thinking that keeps the poor nicely poor and badly nourished. The emergence of a science of economics will slowly lift local and global economic activities to sanity and well-being.