Reason and Religious Beliefs 9.1

“Art draws attention to the possibilities of human living.”

In the ninth lecture, McShane speaks about friendliness, faith, art and artists. He details the subtleties and profundities of how artists relate with space, time, and other people. He expands on different types of art and refers to Joyce, Degas, Cezanne, Picasso, Mozart, and others. In addition, he poses the question: Why do we elevate people like this, while, generally, they do not fit into our institutions?

In this lecture, McShane also refers to the Summa Theologica and diagrams various connections of culture, conversation, and the Trinity.  He continues to examine a possible way to intervene in the (fictional) story of a traditional family holiday that has become miserable.  He introduces ways to implement collaborative solutions to this puzzle and larger ones, including the puzzle: “What is the nature of Cosmogenetics?”

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