Reason and Religious Beliefs 5.1

Topics in the fifth lecture include:
1. Maybe, Minding, Meaning, Mystery
2. Self-Discovery and the Christian God
3. Faith and Art
4. Cosmogenetics
5. The Quest

McShane explores the questions “Who are we? What are we doing? And Where are we going?” and comments on the problem to restore these questions to our normal living. Our various institutions, roles and tasks, often oppose our human capacities. These problems take a lot more than 10 years to understand.

He also expands on the Christian tradition, especially in regard to understanding. As Aristotle discovered, insight emerges from puzzling about experience; the Supreme, the Good, the Ultimate is understanding understanding.

Knowledge is correctly understanding experience, and knowledge leads to truth. Is there truth in the Bible? Or is it more accurate to say that there is truth in the human mind, among others?

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