Reason and Religious Beliefs 3.1

Have you heard the Good Gnus?

The main points treated in the 3rd lecture are: (1) Emma in the Land of Nod; (2) Nod-data; (3) All Mah Aye; (4) Finding the Way that AM ME. McShane explores the meaning of “Yes,” the meaning of being human, and the lives of fictional women, such as Emma Bovary. He talks about the five levels of consciousness (and awareness and self-awareness): (1) Sensibility; (2) What-ing (also written as ‘?’); (3) Is-ing; (4) What-to-do-ing; (5) Am I to do?

In the second half of the lecture, McShane poses the question: “What is it to mind?” and notes that the topic of the elements of minding (of being human) is absent in our culture. Is knowledge certain? What is it to know? What is it to nod? What is “nod-data”? The problem of philosophy is how we study minds.

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