Reason and Religious Beliefs 1.1

In this first lecture, McShane asks students in “Reason and Religious Belief” some basic questions: “Are you genuinely interested in anything or anyone? Have you died already? Do you know what you’re doing or why?” He also gives an overview of the course: 1) Teasing Towards Transfer or Thought; 2) Title/Topic; 3) ? Trivial Trial; 4) Texts and Talks; 5) Thankful Tasks; 6) Theorem; 7) Techniques; 8) Transformation; 9) Try Twice, Thrice, Thousands of Times. He notes that understanding is a slow difficult climb, and he emphasizes and demonstrates the importance of jokes and laughter as examples of having insights. As a helpful spiritual exercise, McShane presents a puzzle within a puzzle, adding that “we’re trying to find out what we do when we reason.” The first lecture ends on topic 7, Techniques.

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