Questions and Answers

Question 1: Larger Context

Questions 2, 3, 4: Relieving robotics, talk in biosemiotics, “to whom are you talking?”

Question 5: Lonergan Studies as Faulty Research and Communication

Question 6: The Nut in God’s Hands

Question 7: ‘X’ Deserves Passing On

Question 8: Functional Talk in Scripture Study

Question 9: Funcional Interpretation

Question 10: Lonerganism

Question 11: How Might We Proceed?

Question 12: Functional Talk and Intellectual Conversion

Question 13: Moving Into Functional Collaborarion

Questions 14, 15, 16: Transposing the Ignatian Excercises, Transforming Cultural Matrices, Towards a Theology of Subjectivity

Questions 17, 18, 19: “A Basis of Moving Forward,” A New Context for ‘Obediential Potency,’ The Future Ethos of Doing Theses

Question 20: Unlimited Contemplative Ingestion

Questions 21, 22, 23, 24: The Chemistry of the Searcher, Searching With a Nine-Year Old, Craving Effective Transpositions, Who Are You Three?

Question 25: Functional Collaboration With Hermeneutic Canons

Question 26: Functional Talk in Economics

Question 27: Approaching Doran’s Trinitarian Theology

Question 28: Teaching Genetic Interpretation

Question 29: Archetypes and Semicolons

Question 30: “The Trinity in History”

Question 31: Destructive Disorientations of Lonergan Institutions

Question 32: Restructuring Conferences Towards Effective Collaboration

Question 33: Making Functional Specialization a Topc

Question 34: Some Strategies for Advancing Towards Functional Specialization

Question 35: Revolutions in Lonergan-Studies Meetings

Question 36: An Appeal to Fred Lawrence and Other Elders

Question 37: Jerusalem 2013 and Lonergan’s 1833 Overture

Question 38: Comparing Jones and Smith

Question 39: Comparing Lonergan and Jones

Question 40: Self-luminous Comparing Work

Question 41: Promoting Cyclic Comparing Work

Question 42: The Shift to Science in Scripture Studies

Question 43: The Parting of the Ways in Lonergan Studies

Question 44: An Added Context for Method Chapter One

Question 45: Difficulties of Searching for Trinitarian Meaning

Question 46: Making Operative Fruitful Ideas

Question 47: Moving to Functional History

Question 48: Beyond Crowe’s Theology of the Christian Word

Question 49: Symbolizing Lonergan’s Achievement

Question 50: Towards Global Care

Question 51: You Make My Skin Caul

Question 52: Focus on Concrete Results

Question 53: McShane’s Low-Class Functional Research: What about You?

Question 54: The Cosmic Christ in Mathew Fox and Lonergan

Question 55: Functinal History: The First Sentence

Question 56: Breaking Forward to Global Care