In the final footnote 119 of Interpretation from A to Z, on page 208, I made a proposal about starting a website exchange, with general title Questing2020, that would be a sharing of questions about collaboration in the forward specialties of Lonergan’s re-structuring of theology as an effective science. It had taken him over thirty years to solve that giant problem that he posed so clearly in his 1934 Essay on Fundamental Sociology. As I waited for some response I wrote these seven essays to provide encouraging imaging of collaboration. I am available at

Questing2020A: A Fresh Beginning

Questing2020B: Interior Castle ; Interior Lighthouse

Questing2020C: The First Mansions

Questing2020D: The Alpha and the Omega

Questing2020E: Tyler and the Existential Gaps

Questing2020F: Foundational Praying

Questing2020G: Popularizing Differentiated Collaboration