Posthumous 1: The Gross Immorality of Lonerganism?

Posthumous 2: The Riverrun to God: Randomness, Statistics and Emergence

Posthumous 3: A Commentary on Inside

Posthumous 4: Conversing with Divine Persons

Posthumous 5: Strategies of Starting Functional Collaboration

Posthumous 6: Pitch Perfect Beyond Lonerganism

Posthumous 7: Lonergan’s 1833 Overture

Posthumous 8: My Story, His Story, Position

Posthumous 9: Poisition, Comparision, Finite Processions

Posthumous 10: “End here . . . Mememormmee !” : Come About or Comalya

Posthumous 11: Allurexperiences

Posthumous 12: Clasping, Cherishing, Calling, Craving, Christing

Posthumous 13: Rewriting Method in Theology chapter 4: ‘Religion’

Posthumous 14: Double You Three in His Story

Posthumous 15: “Spiraling upwards to an ever fuller view”

Posthumous 16: Spiraling Assertions as Psychic Skin

Posthumous 17: Jesus: Flower in the Crannied Caul

Posthumous 18: Beyond “Bolder Spirits” in the “Difficult and Laborious”

Posthumous 19: “What is Good, Always is Concrete”

Posthumous 20: Meaninklink

Posthumous 21: Rewriting and Righting Allurexperiences