Joistings 0: Ongoing Collaboration

Joistings 1: Beginagain

Joistings 2: Insight and Method: Beginners’ Books?

Joistings 3: What-to-do Questions

Joistings 4: Personality Types

Joistings 5: Genetic Systematics

Joistings 6: Jesus My Pilgrim Pacemaker

Joistings 7: The Friendships of the Invisible Man

Joistings 8: Recycling Satisfaction

Joistings 9: How might I become a better Teacher?

Joistings 10: What Do You Want?

Joistings 11: Small Steps Towards Functional Collaboration

Joistings 12: The Help of Adequate Naming in General Methodology

Joistings 13: Did Lonergan Abandon Metaphysics?

Joistings 14: Pedagogy, Popularization, Enlightenment

Joistings 15: What is Systemic Theology?

Joistings 16: History and Human Consciousness

Joistings 17: The Future of Medicine, or of Any Other Sickness: A Christmas Carol

Joistings 18: The Field and Unified Field Theories; God and I

Joistings 19: Ormerod’s Dated Ecclesiology

Joistings 20: Identifying Systematic Theology

Joistings 21: Research, Communications, Stages of Method

Joistings 22: Reviewing Mathew’s Lonergan’s Quest, and Ours

Joistings 23: Teaching, Preaching and Cherishing A Triune God

Joistings 24: Getting into ( the Philosophy of ) Quantum Mechanics

Joistings 25: Rescuing Quantum Mechanics

Joistings 26: Sow What: Heuristics of the Future

Joistings 27: ” In the Twenty Seventh Place “