The new series is a fresh beginning of the search for the meaning of Interpretation as treated by Lonergan in section 3 of chapter 17 of Insight. The approach is to be through simplifications and broad applications. Those interested in an effort to get at the meaning and find the applications of this difficult piece of Lonergan’s writings are encouraged by the first three essays in the series to send questions to There are tentative plans to open a forum for questions and comments in August of 2017.

Interpretation 1: A Fresh Start

Interpretation 2: Some Contexts of the Interpretation Series

Interpretation 3: “A Dramatic Instance”

Interpretation 4: The Interior Lighthouse III

Interpretation 5: Simple Leads from The Incarnate Word

Interpretation 6: A Treatise on the Mystical Body of Christ

Interpretation 7: Beyond Historical Consciousness

Interpretation 8: Interpreting Lonerganism’s Non-Influence

Interpretation 9: Contexts and Situations

Interpretation 10: The Genetics of Genetics in Mibox

Interpretation 11: Mibox Control of Interpretation

Interpretation 12: Exercises in Interpretation

Interpretation 13: Interpreting Historical Sense

Interpretation 14: Aggregates of Progressivist Expressions

Interpretation 15: Compare Aquinas and Lonergan

Interpretation 16: The Interior Lighthouse IV: Twenty-Seventh Lea

Interpretation 17: The Interior Lighthouse V: Interpreting God

Interpretation 18: Interpreting Wages Accountings I

Interpretation 19: Interpreting Wages Accountings II

Interpretation 20: Interpreting Wages Accountings III

Interpretation 21: Interpreting Lonergan: Trieste I

Interpretation 22: Interpreting Standard of Living in Paul, Pope, Robinson, Lonergan, et al.

Interpretation 23: Interpreting the Canons of Hermeneutics

Interpretation 24: Interpreting Lonergan: Trieste II

Interpretation 25: Interpretation for Dummies

Interpretation 26: Interpreting For a New Political Economy for Dummies

Interpretation 27: Interpreting the “Twenty Seventh Lea” for Dummies