A series of essays promoting new patterns of collaboration. The first is secular and focuses on physics, while the second focuses on Jesus and thus on the sacred. The third is a commentary on the words “academic disciplines” as they appear on the bottom of page 3 of Method in Theology. The fourth takes off from a correspondence with a colleague striving to read HOW 3. The fifth essay is a lengthy pause over “The Truth of Interpretation,” the third section of Insight chapter 17. The sixth essay suggests that one can move towards generating a geohistorical heuristic mindset without subscribing to the fuller venture of functional collaboration.

HOW 1: How to Move Forward

HOW 2: Summary Description of the New Culture

HOW 3: Academic Disciplines and Jesus

HOW 4: Insight Into Phantasm

HOW 5: Searching for Avila, John, Jesus, Stein, Lonergan, Moi Intime, Etc. Etc.

HOW 6: The Pullet’s Surprise

HOW 7: The Deep Failure of Lonerganism

HOW 8: The Making of Jesus Present

HOW 9: Implementation

HOW X-Factor In: You’ve Got Talent

HOW 11: Into the Neurodynamics of Jesus

HOW 12: The Word Made Fresh

HOW 13: The Interior Lighthouse

HOW 14: Aspiring Models and Dead Time