A series of thirty-nine essays, twenty-seven written by McShane, twelve written by colleagues and students. The series runs parallel to the sixteen e-seminars scheduled for 2011–2015. The first 8 seminars deal with the eight functional specialties of Lonergan (hence the capital F and S in the title), but attending only to the general categories; the second set is to focus on the special categories. The series could well be put in the context of chapter one of McShane’s book, Method in Theology: Revisions and Implementations.

FuSe 0 : A Simple Appeal For Functional Collaboration

FuSe 1 : The Functionally-Specialized Study of Lonergan

FuSe 2 : Pedagogical Struggling with the Second Canon of Hermeneutics

FuSe 3 : Functional Research into Lonergan’s Collected Works

FuSe 4 : What is Functional Research?: The Struggle so Far

FuSe 5 : A Contexting of First Attempts at Functional Research

FuSe 6 : Working Towards a Standard Model

FuSe 7 : The End of Lonerganism: Fuse or Refuse

FuSe 8 : Galactic Functional Research

FuSe 9 : What is Functional Research

FuSe 10 : Contexts of Functional Interpretation

FuSe 11 : Lonerganism’s Crippling Difficulties with Interpretation

FuSe 12 : Interpretation’s Future and the End of Lonerganism

FuSe 13 : Contexts of Functional History

FuSe 14-A : One Hundred and One Damnations

FuSe 14-B : Some Notes on the Development of Method, Page 250

FuSe 14-C : An Attempt at Communicating History Functionally

FuSe 14-D : Reading For A New Political Economy in Light of Functional History

FuSe 14-E : Calculus Pedagogy in 2011: suffering vascularized off-skin views of minding (An essay toward functional history)

FuSe 15 : The Future of Functional History

FuSe 16 : Contexts of Functional Dialectic

FuSe 17-A : Risking Positioning, Praxipositioning

FuSe 17-AA : A Question: ‘How Might I Position Myself?’

FuSe 17-AA-1 : A First Anonymous Position

FuSe 17-AA-2 : A Second Anonymous Positioner

FuSe 17-B : Frank Braio: A Positioning

FuSe 17-D : Risking Positioning

FuSe 17-G : Mi Postura

FuSe 17-H : Dialectics: Establishing a Position

FuSe 17-M : Collaboration

FuSe 17-McS : How Might We Collaborate in 2012?

FuSe 17-Q : Positioning: ‘A Crucial Experiment’

FuSe 18 : Ways to get into Functional Collaboration

FuSe 19 : Contexts of Functional Foundations

FuSe 20-A : A Foundational Focus of Seminars 5-8

FuSe 20-Z : Regarding Foundational Issues

FuSe 21 : The Future of Foundations : The Issues

FuSe 22 : The 2012 Crisis of Speaking To the Future

FuSe 31 : Contexts of Functional Christian Research