It is wise at this stage to shift the Forum from five sections to the following two: (1) Detoxing Lonergan Studies and (2) Implementing the New Science of Economics.  As we go along it will be obvious that four previous topics—Thoughts on Method; Answering Random Questions of LiFe; Advanced Outreaches in Tower Work; and Effective Intervention in Actual Situations—are effectively and efficiently replaced—with progressive statistics of luminosity—by the single section (1), a forum topic of form, of “self-constitution” (Method in Theology, 363).  The prior four topics have been archived and remain available for reading and referencing.

Effectively and efficiently and statistically? I am thinking of Lonergan’s view of progress at age 29:

What is progress? It is a matter of intellect. Intellect is understanding of sensible data. It is the guiding form, statistically effective, of human action transforming the sensible data of life.  Finally, it is a fresh intellectual synthesis understanding the new situation created by the old intellectual form and providing a statistically effective form for the new cycle of human action that will bring forth in reality the incompleteness of the later act of intellect by setting it new problems.

I am quoting here from the 1934 “Essay in Fundamental Sociology” in Mike Shute’s volume Lonergan’s Early Economic Research (University of Toronto Press, 2010), page 20.  Twelve pages later he nudges our present trapped imagination shockingly—raising a massive issue of intellect’s “resolute and effective intervention in this historical process” (Phenomenology and Logic, CWL 18, 306)—when he writes of “a triple reason for the liquidation of the present order of sovereign states.”  It was thirty-one years later that he hit elementarily on the structure of “a statistically effective form for the new cycle of human action” and sketched it slimly in 1969.  What a climb towards visioning an effective creative global control of the ecology of the world’s tribes, banks, arts, crafts, whatever!  The new situation now becomes, normatively, a hierarchic mediation of eight layers of topologically-sophisticated situation rooms hovering effectively over every village, every human desire, depravity, longing and loneliness, moving in future millennia from Poisson to Bell-curve effectiveness. This, you must surely admit—especially if you sense that the meaning of the previous sentence is quite beyond you—is utterly remote from present Lonergan Studies’ miserable clinging to “academic disciplines” condemned at the turn of the first page of Method in Theology.  We need an effective intervention in the particular piece of the historical process that is the past half-century of toxic titivating in Lonergan Studies. Toxic?  Well, let us see: and those that sense that this forum is toxic may join in enlightened aggressiveness.

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