It seems appropriate to initiate this conference-related forum by inviting us all to take serious the nudges towards excellence and fantasy with which I concluded the sketch of the conference. The five forum topics are the five topics that will be treated at the International Conference, Corpus Christi College, Vancouver, British Columbia, Monday, July 8th–Friday 12th 2019.

Further details of the conference’s conferring will emerge. But it seems neat to offer my own basic suggestion: that the focus of the conference should be on implementation, on FS8, but bracketed by a foundational perspective on it (so, a personal triple-positioning on it—my concluding paragraph will capitalize it—à la Lonergan’s 1833 Overture) and by constructive functional attention to C9. That constructive attention is to be massively creative. The articles in Divyadaan: Journal of Philosophy & Education 30 (2019) drive us towards thinking out redemptive isomorphic structures for contemporary situations and topologies of psycho-social structures and their referents.

But now, during “the animalization of man on the higher level of his achievement” (Analytic Concept of History: Lonergan 1934, conclusion), we must face, with graceful gallantry and gantring, towards a genesis of quite novel pyromorphic structures. “It is, I fear, in Vico’s phrase, a scienza nuova” (CWL 20, 223).  It? IT? Has not this IT something to do with the IT of page 232 of The Allure of the Compelling Genius of History? Is IT not to weave forward the website series, “Questions and Answers” with concrete effective Internal Topologies that would fire up a global meaning, for example, of Question 51, “You Make My Skin Caul” and Question 56, “Breaking Forward to Global Care”? So that our conferring might lean us, seedily, globally, towards an Effective Interior Lighthouse Poise of “IT Makes Our Skins Caul”?

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