There is at present a massive hidden disagreement about the interpretation of Lonergan’s proposal in the second and third paragraphs of Method in Theology: so there is need for FoeRaum, for confrontation, for “a measure of bluntness.”

Unless his readers are ready to undertake a parallel labor (not necessarily so prolonged inasmuch as they may be less tardy of intelligence) they have little chance of understanding what Lonergan is doing and talking about. This is rather bluntly said, I am afraid, but is there not room for a measure of bluntness at this stage? (F.E. Crowe, “The Exigent Mind,” Spirit as Inquiry, Essays in Honor of Bernard Lonergan, Herder and Herder, 1964, 27.)

In An Elementary Forum I am asking for popular musings on the scope or Raum of the two paragraphs mentioned above. I wish you to enter discussion in as elementary a way as you like, perhaps jumping in from one of the last three essays of the Interpretation series, which mused on interpretation of (a) interpretation, (b) economics, (c) contemplation, finding connections with your particular topic.

FoeRaum 1: W3ON : Ate Three : Three

FoeRaum 2: Lebensraum, SeetoRaum

FoeRaum 3: “Forcing Attention”

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