This series homes in on the problem of a pedagogy of integral human growth. It weaves the effort round the teaching of the economics of Lonergan, and that effort of teaching can be a separated interest for people wishing to ingest the new economic perspective. But the effort is broader, as will appear from the second essay. The third essay, “A Common Quest Manifesto,” is my final challenge to the crippling flawed ethos of Lonergan studies.

Æcornomics 1: That the Word Be Made Fresh

Æcornomics 2: The Pedagogy of Trading Between Nations

Æcornomics 3: A Common Quest Manifesto

Æcornomics 4: Sorting Out Superposed Circuits

Æcornomics 5: Structuring the Reach towards the Future

Æcornomics 6: I Started a Joke

Æcornomics 7: International Trade: Beginnings

Æcornomics 8: The Incomparable

Æcornomics 9: We Were Not the Savages

Æcornomics 10: Assembling the Assembly

Æcornomics 11: Sleeping in the Queen’s Bed

Æcornomics 12: Futurology: From “Isms” to “A Cajoled Generous Engineering”

Æcornomics 13: Interior Lighthives Generating Timely Habitats

Æcornomics 14: Situations of Generous Engineering

Æcornomics 15: Endvisaging Situations

Æcornomics 16: Locating Teresa of Avila

Æcornomics 17: Engineering as Dialectic