Distant Democratic Living

The topic seems somewhat odd here, even if one thinks in simple terms of Communists, Republicans, Democrats, or such like: in those terms, yes, it has the appearance of relevance but then it does not seem very deeply relevant in the struggle towards the new economic science. Our problem in this area is to begin thinking long-term, and that means that we have to face the deep task of flexing the molecules of our imagination towards a blossoming of microautonomy and local creativities. Whether you think of Plato or Marx or Voegelin or multinational-business magnates on the long story of empire, we are only at the shabby beginning of the story of humanity’s successful climb to genuine democracy. Present bureaucratic centralism of any color or denomination is quite distant from the democratic ethos that we must try to imagine as global in, say, 9011 A.D. Part of that trying and stretching of the imagination is stretching in humble detail for a new science of economics. There is nothing shocking about this strain of stretching: not only Aristotle but Galileo would be incapable of the strange laborious detailed imaginings of Einstein and Schroedinger.

Phil McShane 


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