Disputing Quests

The context of this new series is the second half of the central page 250 of Method in Theology, from line 18 to 33, which I have named regularly Lonergan’s 1833 Overture. It describes a final tactic of the functional specialty Dialectic. It is a discomforting tactic, not just a Luther-like “Here I stand” but a blunt and precise “here you stand.” Such stand-taking and confrontation can, of course, occur at any stage in the cycle of collaborations, e.g., a historian “at pains not to conceal his tracks but to lay his cards on the table.” (Method in Theology, p. 193)

Disputing Quests 1: The Disputed Location of Disputing Quests

Disputing Quests 2: Projects of Fr. Bob Doran

Disputing Quests 3: If not Functional Collaboration, What?

Disputing Quests 4: Scripture Study: Turn Wright I

Disputing Quests 5: Scripture Study: Turn Wright II

Disputing Quests 6: Contemplation and the Other 1833 Overture

Disputing Quests 7: Self-Control in the New Testament and in the Economics of the Positive Anthropocene

Disputing Quests 8: Scripture Studies: Turn Wright III

Disputing Quests 9: Interpretation Wright Turn, Right Turn

Disputing Quests 10: Paul’s Epistles and Functional Systematics

Disputing Quests 11: The Ethics of Discernment