Cantower I : Function and History

Cantower II : Sunflowers Speak to us of Growing

Cantower III : Round One Willing Gathering

Cantower IV : Molecules of Describing and Explaining

Cantower V : Metaphysics Then

Cantower VI : Gathering Round One

Cantower VII : Systematics and General Systems Theory

Cantower VIII : Slopes: An Encounter

Cantower IX : Position, Poisition, Protopossession

Cantower X : Foundations : A Place in the Sun

Cantower XI : Lonergan : Interpretation and History

Cantower XII : A Problem of Interpretation Arises

Cantower XIII : Functional Specialization and Chapters 17 and 18 of Insight

Cantower XIV : Communications and Ever-ready Founders

Cantower XV : The Elements of Meaning

Cantower XVI : Hodics as Science II

Cantower XVII : Hodics as Science I

Cantower XVIII : The Possibility Of Cultural Ethics

Cantower XIX : Ultimates

Cantower XX : Intimates

Cantower XXI : Epilodge

Cantower XXII : Redoubt Lonergan : The Ministry of Mayhem

Cantower XXIII : Redoubt Describing

Cantower XXIV : Infesting History with Hodology

Cantower XXV : Redoubt page 250 of Method in Theology

Cantower XXVI : Refined Woman and Feynman

Cantower XXVII : Atoms in Motion

Cantower XXVIII : Basic Physics

Cantower XXIX : Physics and other Sciences

Cantower XXX : The Conservation of Energy

Cantower XXXI : Time and Distance: Feynman I, ch.5; Insight,ch.5

Cantower XXXII : The Empirical Residence

Cantower XXXIII : Lonergan and Axial Bridges

Cantower XXXIV : A Few Elementary Pointers Regarding Interpretation

Cantower XXXV : The Focus on Function

Cantower XXXVI : The Function of the Cantowers

Cantower XXXVII : Functional Interpretation

Cantower XXXVIII : Functional History

Cantower XXXIX : Functional Dialectics

Cantower XL : Functional Foundations

Cantower XLI : Functional Policy