LO and Behold

A new series, begun in October 2019, focuses on the key final paragraph of Method in Theology, chapter 10, section 5: “Dialectic: the Structure.” There Lonergan describes the cruel process of the community of dialecticians repenting forward towards progress. The series is a back-up to what is envisaged and organized by James Duffy: groups attempting exercises, in line with that paragraph, on particular Assembly topics. The goal is to foster the move towards accepting Lonergan’s challenge of effective precision in dialectic analysis.

LO and Behold 1: Low and Beholden

LO and Behold 2: The Deed; The Seed

LO and Behold 3: “Refuses”

LO and Behold 4: The Heuristics of a Fourth Stage of Meaning

LO and Behold 5: Have I a Precise Viewpoint?

LO and Behold 6: Reaching for a Heuristics of the Eschaton

LO and Behold 7: Possessing the Future

LO and Behold 8: Haute Vulgarization: Negative and Positive

LO and Behold 9: Assembling Insight

LO and Behold 10: Assembling [1 + 1/n]nx

LO and Behold 11: Assembling {M (W3)θΦT}4