217 Vignettes (20)18–33

The focus and locus of my attention in this series is what I call Lonergan’s 1833 Overture, those brilliant 16 lines that conclude page 250 of Method in Theology, starting from line 18. I am beginning these Vignettes from year 2018, and they—amusingly but strategically—are to roll on to the year 2033, by which time I will be 101. There are to be 217 vignettes, where 217 is the number of words in the passage of interest, Lonergan’s 1833 Overture. The number is part of the strategy: surely the Lonergan community will not hold out for another sixteen years against this Passage of interest to Lonergan?

Vignette 1: A March Hare

Vignette 2: A Day to Dismember

Vignette 3: This Member?

Vignette 4: Lighthouse Living

Vignette 5: Going On to Intervene

Vignette 6: Rise With Me

Vignette 7: Beginnings: Lonergan’s First Theorem and Fermat’s Last Theorem